Material Business

Steel Business

Our steel business was established in 1996 with the cooperation of Nissan Motor Company Japan. The aim was to provide a first class service to South East Asian countries by procuring steel and steel related products relevant to automobile manufacturing.
The business began by delivering sheet steel to Nissan Motor Company Thailand and Nissan’s automotive part suppliers.
Currently our business focuses on procuring steel related products for Nissan and its affiliates; both domestically and internationally.
Our import and export operations are continuing to grow and expand in many countries where Nissan and its affiliates have established their manufacturing plants.


Our Current Product

1. Flat steel for automobile manufacturing (cold-rolled, hot-rolled and coated).

2. Special  steel (steel rods and steel wire), steel pipe and stainless steel.

3. Scrap steel for recycling to be reused in automobile and engine part manufacturing

Chemical Business

Our main responsibility is supplying plastic (resin) as a raw material in various parts manufacturing, such as bumpers and passenger cabin panels and parts. We procure global source raw materials to meet the worldwide customers' needs.
We also offer leather, fabric products for car seats, and lubricants for various OEMs, and chemical supplies for the after-sales business.

Our Current Product

1. Leather and Fabric

2. Lubricants and fuel

3. Polypropylene Resin and Engineering plastic.

4. Chemical related products for after-sales